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Electric Toothbrush

It is found that people who use an electric toothbrush have healthier gums, less tooth decay and also keep their teeth for longer, compared with those who use a manual toothbrush.

Philips Sonicare

Philips Sonicare's unique technology drives fluid deep between your teeth and along the gum line for visibly cleaner teeth, healthier gums and a whiter smile.

Oral-B iO

The world's most futuristic toothbrush.

Hair Dryer

Here are a few reasons why you may need a new hair dryer 1. It takes a really long time for your hair to dry . 2. You hair looks frizzy when you are done. 3. Your hair dryer is getting too old.

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

The hair dryer is engineered to protect hair from extreme heat damage, with fastest drying and controlled styling to help increase smoothness by 75%, increase shine by up to 132% and decrease frizz and flyaways by up to 61%.